William Tecumseh Sherman

Reading about Sherman’s march, among many other Civil War topics.

That man was a madman, as all warmongers are, come right down to it.  And for his divine madness, single of purpose, he gains "fame."

Humankind am one sick motherfuck, ain’t no two ways about it.

Accepting war as normal, and then making moral pronouncements within that warped notion of normal.

It attracts moral monsters–or those soon to become such–who will buy into and reinforce the notion that war is just part of what we do as human beings.  Haul out the jingoism, decide that God is on your side (such did John Brown, such Lincoln), fire up the testosterone of young boys and the peer pressure too, the little girls shaming the boys with dresses, get the churches to go along as most of them always seem to do, and you got yourself a war-gasm.

It’s tough being a sterling optimist sometimes, ya know?

Robert Devereaux

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