The people reclaim ALL of Congress!

One more political entry before turning to other matters.

I said yesterday morning, and Randi Rhodes agreed on the radio, that the voters of this nation have risen up just in time and saved it from fascism.

Here’s a great blog entry on that subject by Richard Power.

Yes, yesterday, the majority of voters in the USA thwarted the solidification of the corporatist (i.e., fascist) takeover we have been struggling against since 2000 — at least temporarily.

The new Congress must be sworn in, and that won’t happen until January 2007. The interim will be a dangerous time for all of us. But the Bush-Cheney regime has been severely weakened. Its psychological hold has been broken. Its enablers in the political establishment and the mainstream news media must ponder their futures….

I commend Power’s words to your attention.

What a fantastic dream this is to wake to, the verdict that Webb has won the Virginia Senate seat and that therefore the war criminal Cheney cannot stymie us in critical votes.

You couldn’t make this series of events up in a novel and expect agents, editors, or the reading public to buy it!

Once we have basked sufficiently in this new reality, in the momentary salvation of our nation and the beginning of its long road back to the respect of nations, we’ll need to do these things:

  • Ponder how it is that, while the folks at Democratic Underground saw clearly this threat from the very beginning, it took the American people as a whole so long, and so many impeachable offenses, to wake the fuck up.
  • Figure out how to honor those people, and listen to them when the next assault comes.
  • Devise our own Truth and Reconciliation commission, while holding Bush and his henchmen responsible in our courts and in the realm of international law.
  • Figure out how to roll back every damned, damaging law that this maladministration, aided by its enablers everywhere, has foisted upon us.
  • Put progressive teeth into the Democratic bite. No more spineless kowtowing to fascist bullies.
  • Figure out how to reclaim the media from the corporate right.

All of these things can and must be done!

Robert Devereaux

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