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It’s so easy, as passionate as I feel about the way our beloved nation’s core values have been attacked in the last six years, its Constitution trashed by those who vowed to uphold it, to blast Bush and his puppet masters with invective.

I think it’ll suffice here to say publicly that I’m outraged at this sorry turn of events and give my witness, for what it’s worth, to an awakening American public.  I hope, and will work for, a dramatic Democratic sweep of both houses of Congress in November.

I was born in 1947.  The first president I was aware of was Eisenhower, elected in 1952.  This sad stumbling fellow now desecrating with his presence the People’s House is hands down the worst pResident we have suffered through.  Worse than Nixon, worse than Reagan, worse a hundred times over than his father.

It hasn’t helped that the corporate media gave Bush a free pass from the very beginning and that so many of our Democratic so-called-representatives have hesitated to embrace the progressive roots of their party. 

Thank God for the Internet.  There, we have been on to him and Rove and Rice and Rumsfeld and that sneerer Cheney from the beginning.  The whole lot of them deserve impeachment, removal from office, and trials at The Hague.

I don’t intend this post to be the launching of an argument, but a statement of where I stand in these unsettled times.  The Republican party has been taken over by lunatics and we are far less safe under them than we were six years ago.  Worse, they have brutalized the nation’s psyche.

The richest nation on earth, such a proud heritage, such potential in its soaring image of itself, would it but live up to its ideals.  Let’s pray the damage can be undone.

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