Thanksgiving gratitude

I’m far more an American Buddhist than a monotheist of any stripe, but I can still express gratitude for my many blessings.

To whom, you might ask?

That presumes a whom.  A whom, ahem, it presumes. 

I prefer the amorphous, the sans-shape, the Universal All that gives me the gift of in-breath and out-breath ever alternating and sits back, puffing on its pipe, intrigued always by what I choose to do with that gift. 

Squander? Avail?  Idle away?  Seize in fierce embrace?

So, okay, pipe-puffer, here are the blessings I thank you for:

  • An American electorate finally awake enough to throw the Republicans out en masse, stunned and horrified by this faux leadership’s utter lack of moral values, however much they pretend elsewise.
  • Two groovy daughters, Caitlin and Lianna, whip-smart each in her own way.
  • A wonderful father who has given me an example of kindness and consideration, of embracing my creativity as he has embraced, and continues to embrace, his own.
  • A smart, lovely, creative, caring, joyous, and playful wife, my treasured Victoria, to share the rest of my life with.
  • Sigfried the cat, nuff said!
  • A fine gaggle of friends, and at the top of the list, Fred and Maryjo, who never fail to delight us with their wonderfulness.
  • Great work colleagues in the places I have spent my nine-to-five hours, diligent, fun-loving, and respectful always of work-life balance.
  • My undying curiosity about the world, its past, present, and future, and my love of books, both the writing and reading of.
  • My good fortunes in having my fiction published and appreciated, and the writers/agents/editors it has been my delight to meet and befriend.
  • Good health, secure finances, and the moderate Colorado climate with its bonus of many sunny days indeed.
  • And of course, I’m grateful indeed–and daily sacrifice live chickens–to the Goddess of the Blogosphere.

Here’s to the peace and joy of gratitudinous thanksgivingness on this extra-special day of days!

Robert Devereaux

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