Stepping back from the brink of fascism

The party of sanity and compassion handily won the House of Representatives, making Bush way lame, as lame as his brain.

Here’s a nice post from Democratic Underground:

America stood up and demanded the accountability that has been lacking for so long. She has said that she won’t become a de facto dictatorship, that she won’t tolerate not having oversight for long, that the corruption builds up but eventually gets drained and that she’s tired of being run by the lobbyists and not the people.

To my friends who call themselves "conservative" – I’m not going to rub it in or gloat – in spite of some of the names I’ve been called and how my thoughts were questioned as traitorous over the past six years – I’ll simply say this – THIS is what a mandate looks like! 15-30% spreads in the votes, not a measly ½ % – it’s an absolute rejection of the direction that your hijacked party has led us in, now that you know for sure Americans are rejecting it – clean up your party, send the religious nuts who want to create a theocracy out of the US packing, send the crooked politicians and lobbyists home and come back to the table with real ideas on creating smaller government, less intrusion into my bedroom, not building other nations while we’re neglecting our own at home here (I’m all for that too, as I’ve said many, many times before – we’re not so far apart as those in DC want us to think so that we don’t pay more attention to the crooked games they play).

Very nicely put.

Two regrets: 

Lamont lost to Lieberman, yes still that Bush-enabler is a Dem and may yet see the light.

And it appears that Angie Paccione, no thanks to a Libertarian spoiler, is headed for a 46% to 43% loss to the disgusting Marilyn Musgrave.  If that happens, I predict that Angie trounces the bigot in two years’ time.  But meanwhile, what a dreadful loss of amazing talent.  Angie has it in her to be President some day.

Robert Devereaux

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