One of the deadly sins…

I want to talk about sloth.

It’s one of my favorite vices.

Especially does it kick in when I contemplate working outside the house, mowing the lawn, weed-whacking, picking up hordes of dropped pears, re-staining the sides of the hot tub, tending to the shutting down of the sprinkler system.

I love the outdoors, as in hiking, biking, taking long or short walks.

But as to upkeep of the yard?  Forget it!

So I do it with as much good cheer as I can muster, which is a lot.

Ditto, my study.  An accumulation of piles of books and papers on the floor, on my computer desk, in the double closet.  But that place is even worse, because the room is all mine.  No pressure from my beloved to tidy it up.

What’s this all about?

I’m okay with dressing, staying in good recent clothing, trimming the beard and mustache, showering daily, all of that.  I keep the dishes washed and stacked away.

There are just certain places which hold no interest, or very slight, in pride of upkeep.

It’s fascinating.  I think about putting to true my study and all the energy drains from me.  I so do not want to do that, to waste the time I could be wasting in so many more interesting ways.

If anyone out there has found fixes for their own slothful ways, I’m all ears!

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