Let the GOP crumble!

Bush approval rate lowest yet and still dropping!

It’s nice to see the bastards finally get bitten in the butt, with the slow but steady chew leading toward a thorough discrediting of the Republican Party.

Now, ages ago in 1964, I used to be a Goldwaterite, owing in part to the political ignorance of a seventeen-year-old.  But I could recognize honesty and integrity when I saw it.

Today’s GOP has been seized by unAmerican neo-cons, alas too slowly unmasked for the scoundrels they are, but unmasked they are, and that mask is giving way to yet other masks, painfully peeled off day by day.

The heart and soul of true American values is progressivism, and now is the time to seize it and run with it.

I’d love to see this entire maladministration impeached and removed from office and then indicted both here and abroad, if there were only a way to do it all at once.

President Nancy Pelosi has a wonderful ring to it!

OTOH, I know that we’re much more likely to see MonsterBoy Cheney give up the VP slot "for health reasons," have McCain or Rice installed there, and then see Asshole Bush impeached as the investigations make more and more citizens aware of the multitude of impeachable offenses we at Democratic Underground have clearly seen all along.

But it’s my ardent hope and expectation that said investigations will so thoroughly reveal the tawdry machinations of the rapscallions and scorpions of a Once Grand Old Party that we’ll have a Democratic President elected in 2008, and pick up many more seats in both houses of Congress.

Hope and pray, folks. 

The salvation of our great nation and of the world itself hangs in the balance.

Robert Devereaux

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