Happy birthday to me!

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Well here we are, arriving at sixty years of age, which still feels like thirty inside.

Life is grand indeed, the magnificent obsessions of the moment being music (always divine music); reading (far too much of it, though the mindless accumulation of books has slowed to a trickle); explorations of Tibetan Buddhism (mostly Pema Chodron these days and visits to the Shambhala Mountain Center; and above all Argentine Tango, as received from a number of teachers but most completely and most passionately from Brian Dunn and Deb Sclar at Dance of the Heart in Boulder, CO.

Our circle of friends and family is small and precious to us, and we’re glad to welcome Brian and Deb into that small circle.  Lovely people, the best of tango instructors, part of a lineage that goes to Luciana Valle and her teacher Gustavo Naveira.  They are seemingly tireless in embracing tango as an art form and a way of relating.  It inspires us to be around people living their passion, and that Brian and Deb do, as individuals and as a couple.  Marvelous!

So happy b’day to Bobby, aka bobdev, aka Robert Devereaux.

(And it’s time to put out the trash!)

Robert Devereaux

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  1. Jason Bovberg says:

    Great big birthday wishes to you, Robert! I hadn’t realized a Big One was on the horizon. I hope you had a great day and I hope you enjoy the next decade to the fullest. (Something tells me you will.)

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