Gizmos that neatly distract…

Technology provides such delightful time wasters.

There are the obvious ones, TV and movies and such.

Then there are the delightful offshoots.

Lately, some of my spare time has been eaten away flying above and between old addresses, some of them going way back.

I’m speaking, of course, of Google Earth.

If you haven’t tried this, you should.

I was able to fly over Capitol View School in Morrisville, PA, identifying with amazing precision, the memories 54 years old, my walking route as a first grader from 528 Hamilton Blvd.

And Park Avenue School (yep, there’s where the tether ball court was), Grand Avenue Junior High School (now Middle School), and Wellington C. Mepham High School (there’s where that bastard motherfucker of a sadist Ken Hunt made us do push-ups and laps, and the football-game bleachers where we bored trombonists squirted water bottles at kids below) in North Merrick and Bellmore, NY.

With a finger flick, you can appear to fly over these places. 

You can "tilt" the view or rotate it, zoom up and on over to the Eiffel Tower.

Off on a vacation or business trip?  There’s your hotel, and by gum there’s Grant Park and the Art Institute of Chicago, a mere six blocks away.

Neat toy, that!

Robert Devereaux

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