Coming up with a title

Book titles is the subject today.

My new Civil War anti-war novel in particular as, in the wee hours prior to rising, a few candidates presented themselves.

Some novel titles come quickly, as was the case with Deadweight, Walking Wounded, and Santa Steps Out.

Some take reams of paper with lists and lists until one hits upon the right one.  The as-yet-unpublished Deadolescence is one of those titles.

The first candidates:

  • What’s Blue and Gray and Red All Over?
  • Shitstorm:  A Civil War Novel
  • Shitstorm in Blue and Gray

The lovely little tome On Bullshit has, I believe, broken the barrier for using "shit" in the title of a book.  As has Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.  (But I ain’t wedded to that.)

Comments or other suggestions are welcome!

Robert Devereaux

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