An old friend returns…

Kevin Garry, author of the Learn to Play Guitar Pack from eMedia, resurfaces in my life.

Way back in the late seventies, Kevin shared a house with several other students at the University of Iowa.  One of them was Linda, my first wife.

Kevin played folk guitar back then, and I played recorders; I both read sheet music (I was in a group with Jane Smiley that met on weekends at the Dean of Students’ house) and jammed.

So we jammed together, and eventually Kevin asked me to join him on a few numbers at various coffee houses and once in the parking lot at Center East, a warmup act for some band which let us use their mikes and speakers.

Glory days!

So a few years back, Vicki and I attended the Mahlerfest in Boulder, and there was Kevin playing the guitar part in I-forget-which-of-the-symphonies.  I emailed the Mahlerfest folks but they never forwarded my message to him.

Then a few weeks ago, to Fort Collins he came, Linda attended, and we got in touch, and spoke by phone this weekend.

He spent a good long time in Boulder getting his Ph.D. in guitar, and is now the head of the music department, if I heard that correctly, at a college down Denver way.

Nice, life’s little treats!

Robert Devereaux

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