A dark day indeed…

Yesterday, our sociopathic fool of a dictator signed the away-with-habeas-corpus, torture-is-just-all-right-with-me bill, smirking as he gave himself more dictatorial power. 

Mourn with me.

Then work hard to oust the Bush-enablers, oust every last damned Republican, oust Joe Lieberman.  And vote as if our lives depended upon it.

Three big if’s here.

If our satanic misleaders do not nuke Iran for votes, if Diebold and the other right-wing voting machine (sans receipt or other paper trail!) companies have not advanced so far as to steal yet another election for the Grand Oil Party, if the masters of gall and outrage don’t trump up some excuse to suspend elections entirely…

…then we have a chance of restoring our beloved nation to sanity, beginning the long repair job on our nation’s reputation, bringing these criminals to justice–first here, then at The Hague–and coming to terms internally with this six-years-and-counting nightmare, making sure that we put in place safeguards to ensure that this never happens again.

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