Watch out for an attack on Iran…

I don’t usually post twice in one day.

But the motherfucker disgracing our White House and this great nation, the war criminal whose every day in office is a misfortune and a disaster, has sent ships toward Iran, scheduled to arrive around October 21st.

This fleet is capable of bombing Iran.

And this regime will do anything to stay in power.  They’re way down in the polls.  They will trump up a reason, any reason, to launch yet another illegal and immoral war.

Please be aware that we on the left have been on to these monsters from Day One.  We see with a clear eye what they’re doing.

If you are an American voter, DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY THEM.

We have a chance to step back from the brink of totalitarianism. 

I pray you, do not blow that chance!

Robert Devereaux

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