WALKING WOUNDED back in print from Deadite Press

My second novel from Dell Abyss, WALKING WOUNDED (1996), long out of print, is now once more among the living.

Trade paperback from Deadite Press, with an Alan Clark cover.

A few blurbs:

“At the heart of all Devereaux’s writing are the twin embryos of love and pain. In *Walking Wounded* he has explored their perverse dependency with an expert’s tender touch. This book is both a challenge and a rare treat!”  —Poppy Z. Brite

 “In *Walking Wounded*, Robert Devereaux delivers, with a super-heated mix of murder, dark eroticism, and enough online sex to send computer-wise readers sprinting to access their Chat Rooms.”  —Lucy Taylor

 “Walking Wounded is the graphic equivalent—and moral and spiritual antithesis—of Devereaux’s already classic Deadweight. Appalling, tender, and lyrical, it is an applaudable sophomore effort from a fascinating writer.”  —Jason Bovberg, Dark Highway Press

 “Walking Wounded is an original and dramatic thriller. Devereaux’s characters emerge as real and complex people, men and woman confronting life and death dilemmas. It’s a story of healing and suffering, and when a sadistic serial killer shatters the peace, it’s a story of immense courage and resolve. . . . Walking Wounded bristles with energy and suspense.”  —Mark La Framboise, Politics & Prose Bookstore


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