Unchain my heart!

I have a confession to make.

The enabling of that fucker Bush and the whole criminal crew has, for six years, put a crimp in my writing–or, rather, my lack of writing.

Astounding, my love for this country when it’s living up to its ideals.

To see it brought so low by fearmongers and war criminals, to watch as the corporate media lied for them, by omission and commission, these witnessings broke my heart.  Made me wonder of what use fiction writing could possibly be.  It must have been thus for many German artists beginning in 1933.

Ah but now, to have witnessed such a miracle–there can be no other word for it–as we have all witnessed this week, to feel a new surge of hope and wonder–this, my friends, this gets my creative juices flowing once more.

In the time immediately ahead, we are going to see a new freeing in the culture as well. 

And a regained respect throughout the world as we hold our unworthy faux-leaders accountable for their misdeeds, and bring forth worthy leaders from the ranks of Democrats and reformed, chastized, freed-from-their-recent-embrace-of-right-wing-insanity Republicans.

I’m so looking forward to being a part of it!

Robert Devereaux

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