The terrorists win again, thanks to GOP…

And the Constitution is further dismantled by our so-called representatives, infuriating cowardly robots on the Republican side, insufficiently oppositional, abandoning even an attempt at a filibuster on the Democratic side, handing the sociopathic asshole in the White House even more discretionary powers, saying that torture’s just fine with us, and tossing even more American liberties and just plain humane values out the window.

I commend Andrew Cohen’s editorial to your attention.

Lead paragraph:  "Of all the stupid, lazy, short-sighted, hasty, ill-conceived, partisan-inspired, damage-inflicting, dangerous and offensive things this Congress has done (or not done) in its past few recent miserable terms, the [passage] of the terror detainee bill takes the cake. At least when Congress voted to authorize the Iraq War legislators can point to the fact that they were deceived by Administration officials. But what’s Congress’ excuse now for agreeing to sign off on a law that would give the executive branch even more unfettered power over the rest of us than it already has?"

Please, God, let the American people be sufficiently awake to toss wholesale the GOP scoundrels out on their ear, the voting machines not as compromised as we fear, the Supreme Court not quite yet so wacko-rightward-listing as to let this assault against law and sheer decency stand!

Robert Devereaux

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