The great compromise continues…

This is an apology to the world for the sorry state of U.S. politics.

Yesterday, after putting up a fake struggle of principle against torture and Bush’s violations of the Geneva conventions, the so-called rebellious Republican senators, led by that odd duck John McCain, caved in to our dictator yet again.  We see again an inexorable descent into totalitarianism, though for six years progressives among us have done everything they can to stop it.

And we didn’t believe it could happen here.

How naive we were.

My judgment of the German people during the twenties and thirties has softened considerably.

We will work to make the 2006 elections, assuming they are not stolen though automatic voting machines with no paper trail, an upset victory for the so-called opposition party, and then work to make them truly hew to the ever-receding ideals of the American republic.

If you are religious, pray for us. 

We need all the help we can get.

Robert Devereaux

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