Tempted and forever falling

Said Samuel Beckett, "Habit is a great deadener," and I’m in the habit of citing those words often.

Part truth, part excuse.

There are always cookies, candy, nuts, all kinds of carbs and sugar at my non-writing place of work.  And try as I might, I succumb to the nasty lure of them.  It’s so odd and so discouraging to "watch myself" gorge on such crap.

There are days when I can turn off the lure, but really it’s a one day at a time thing.  Bring on the stress, and I’m out of my chair and headed for "just one more handful," and again, and again.

I really must stop this, for my health and longevity.  Especially so in winter, when exercise dwindleth.

Trapped and not liking it!

Robert Devereaux

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