SLAUGHTERHOUSE HIGH now out from Eraserhead Press!

I'm pleased to announce that the novel once known variously as Ice Ghoul Daze and Deadolescence (as in Dead plus Adolescence) has at last found its perfect publisher in Portland's Eraserhead Press and is now called Slaughterhouse High: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice.

The gist: "It's prom night in the Demented States of America. A place where schools
are built with secret passageways, rebellious teens get zippers
installed in their mouths and genitals, and once a year, on that special
night, one couple is slaughtered and bits of their bodies are kept
as souvenirs. But something's gone terribly wrong at Corundum High,
where the secret killer is claiming a far higher body count than usual .
. . Slaughterhouse High is Robert Devereaux's slicing satire of sex, death, and public education."

At last, the truth about high school is revealed.

You know you want it, so go get it!


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2 Responses to SLAUGHTERHOUSE HIGH now out from Eraserhead Press!

  1. Branden says:

    This sounds awesome! Is it available in eBook format anywhere? I want to pick it up, but would love to be able to read it on my Kindle. Any help?

  2. Robert Devereaux says:

    Hi, Branden,
    It’s on the top of my to-do list to get Slaughterhouse High on Kindle. I’ll post here again when it’s available in that format!

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