Shitcanning habeas corpus…

The loss of liberty we sustained when that asshole in the White House signed his torture bill two days ago, with the collusion of lock-step Republican fascists in the Congress and outrageously some Democrats, is such a tragedy that I’m devoting a second posting to it.

Habeas corpus, bedrock to our liberties since our founding, and before that all the way back to the Magna Carta, has been wiped away.

Two postings from Democratic Underground:

(1) Your life does depend on it

Today, things are different. Today, we awoke a nation perhaps forever changed, thanks to a president who considers destroying everything that once made this nation great a good thing. And thanks, also, to the apathy or, worse, the willing consent of millions of Americans. Today, therefore, things are different, because yesterday, in the midst of National Character Counts Week, the president tarnished our national character by signing into law one of the most immoral pieces of legislation in our nation’s history. To the president, the Military Commissions Act represents, in his words, "one of the most important pieces of legislation in the war on terror", exemplifying a nation that "is patient and decent and fair". History, I’m afraid, won’t be as kind a judge. Nor, with your help, will a motivated electorate, whose decision to check a reckless White House this November is the only thing standing between democracy and tyranny. When you cast a ballot this fall, vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does….

(2) America is No Longer Free

Habeas corpus — it’s your most fundamental legal right, your right to go to a court and get an order requiring the government to prove that it is holding you in prison with proper legal authority to do so. Without that right, one necessarily lives in a dictatorship. President Bush today on October 17, 2006 signed a bill repealing that law, meaning that the administration need not comply or show compliance with law any more with regard to who goes to prison or Gitmo….

This affront to all American lovers of freedom must be tossed out by the Supreme Court as soon as possible, and every betrayer of America impeached or voted out!

Robert Devereaux

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