Neville as Shakespeare…

I’m currently in the early chapters of The Truth Will Out.

This book makes a "strong" case for Sir Henry Neville as the author of the Shakespeare canon.

But see this blog for a fascinating counter to all of it–or rather for an intelligent give-and-take, as one of the authors joins in the discussion.

Then there’s "How We Know That Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare: The Historical Facts" on-line.

See also Tom Veal’s astute and extended blast at this book.

Now some of you may know that I hold and keep and cherish a doctorate in English lit from the U of Iowa, 1981.  My specialty area was English Renaissance drama.

One of the bennies of not having pursued a teaching career afterward is that I needn’t fear career ruination by being freely open to such theorizing.

As my reading concludes, I’ll let you know my musings.

I will say that the book’s arguments are going to have to be awfully strong to prevail.  Actors know acting, and the plays in question are balm to the actor’s soul.  Can someone whose life isn’t intimately entwined with costumes and blocking and makeup write such gems?

We’ll see!

Robert Devereaux

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