My fantasy novel A Flight of Storks and Angels will, in a few weeks, be available in a Kindle edition. I'm pretty sure it's still available as a trade paperback from Five Star.

Meanwhile, I recently found what its editor, John Helfers, had to say about it on a YA editor panel last spring, hosted by Nancy Holder, as part of his response to the question, "Would you mind naming 10 seminal works of fantasy that an aspiring YA fantasy author should read?".

Here's what John had to say about Flight:

"A Flight of Storks and Angels by Robert Devereaux: One of the first fantasy novels I acquired during my time overseeing the Five Star SF/Fantasy line, and the one acquisition I am the most proud of in that line. Devereaux writes rural fantasy unlike anyone else, with incisive character portraits of both adults and children, keen insight into human nature, and a plot that gradually unfolds until the reader is swept away by it. A work worthy of being reprinted by a major publisher."

Lovely, eh?  :^)


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