Isla Mujeres

We’re back, Vicki and I, from a week in Mexico on the island of women or Isla Mujeres.

Oh my, what a delight are those beaches and the people, the seafood and the Hotel Francis Arlene.

Felt like a month of paradise.

There was even the equivalent of a tango floor outside of our room on the rooftop.

It was, at the same time, sobering to see the poverty, not always evident, but on our golf cart trip around the island (5 miles long, half a mile across at the widest), we could see the shanties (or whatever the equivalent is) that the poorest Mexicans live in, set close to absolute mansions owned by rich Americans perhaps.

Then there was a private island called Isla Blanca, which I’ll need to research.  Rich Mexicans there?  Not sure.

We passed it on our snorkeling trip to Isla Contoy with Captain Tony Garcia, perhaps the very best day of our trip.

We’ll be back, though perhaps Loreto will capture our attention next February.

Robert Devereaux

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