In praise of Sounds True…

We’re just back, Vicki and I, from three days in Santa Fe and two days in Taos, two of our favorite places which we try to visit at least once per year.

We chanced upon the burning of Old Man Gloom, which launches a great fiesta in Santa Fe.  It was raining barrels, so we stopped at the muddy field and turned back, content to listen to the groans of the great figure and the fireworks from our so-so room at the Pueblo Bonito pseudo-B&B.

Then on to Taos and the Mabel Dodge Luhan House B&B, wondrous, a great cultural history to it, reasonable room prices, great peace, and an easy walk to all the galleries downtown.

But my focus here is on the six hour drive home.  We had brought music CDs with us and also the Sounds True 6-CD set from Pema Chodron, True Happiness.  We listened to the first two of six.

Now I love Boulder (we’re less than an hour from there, with its Pearl Street mall and its Naropa Institute and its Mahlerfest), and I love this company Sounds True.  Some of what they offer is pretty far out stuff, probably flaky.  But there are gems among the paste.  Any of Pema Chodron’s offerings qualify.  Marshall Rosenberg‘s too.

Straight talk from a woman on her spiritual path.  Generous, alive, compassionate.

The perfect conclusion to a wondrous trip!

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