Great DVD course in Russian lit

I’m four lectures into a 36-lecture course on Classics in Russian Literature taught by that lively octogenarian Irwin Weil, a professor emeritus from Northwestern University, and I’m having a ball!

Dr. Weil once said:

Just because something is imaginary, doesn’t mean that it is inferior. If you have no imagination, you are effectively dead.

I love that quote, and now you do too.

This engaging and engaged lecturer is an absolute gem, full of knowledge, spontaneous, full of story, fluent in Russian, and completely and obviouslly in love with his subject matter.  What a find for The Teaching Company!

And it only helps me anticipate even more the War and Peace to come from the translators Pevear and Volokhonsky next fall.

As of this writing, Dr. Weil’s course is on sale. 

Get it!

Robert Devereaux

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