Eris, Goddess of Discord

I do indeed believe that the way to tie all of my Civil War incidents together–or a principal way I’ll do that (there shall be others)–will be via the Greek Gods, especially Ares the God of War, and Eris, the Goddess of Discord.

I’m also entertaining the notion of creating sub-gods as yet unknown, like the God of Acting Like an Asshole.  This I would reserve for those men who betrayed Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, who fought to gain blacks their freedom and the vote via amendments to the Constitution, but were betrayed by the inclusion of "male" in the 14th amendment; and more generally those pinch-minded idiots who threw roadblock and ridicule in their way.

I commend to your attention the excellent Ken Burns documentary on these two amazing women.  The primary focus is on getting the vote, which happened by the skin of our teeth (one vote in Tennessee) 16 years after Anthony’s death.  But along the way are gains in allowing women to own property, to have custody of their children, to sue in court, and so on.

Robert Devereaux

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