Anti-war novels…

This post was originally intended to list as many anti-war novels as I could come up with.

But I’ve found great lists already available on the web:

Amazon list-maker "blahblahblah" from South Korea gives us this list.

And Wikipedia has this entry for anti-war novels.

I would add Lay Down Your Arms by Baroness Bertha von Suttner, which was as famous and influential in Europe as Uncle Tom’s Cabin was in the U.S.  Bertha coined the term pacifism, late 1800’s, and led a delegation of pacifists to the first international peace conference in The Hague, 1899.  For more on that, see my story "God’s Madmen" in FARthing magazine.

Why am I interested in anti-war novels?

Because I’m cogitating writing the be-all-end-all anti-war novel of all times. 

Hey, when it comes to creative endeavors, I never think small!

Robert Devereaux

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