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What is this thing called blog?

Writers examine things.  They observe.  Infinitely curious creatures, these writers. So now that the website’s two weeks old, the blog too, allow me to muse about this process, what it means to me, and perhaps to you. At the moment, … Continue reading

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The Teaching Company…

Today, I want to recommend The Teaching Company, with whom I am not affilated in any way, other than as a satisfied customer. They’ve been at it, in one form or another, since 1990, finding some of the best American … Continue reading

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Patriotism at its finest…

The mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson, spoke truth to power a few days ago, boy, did he ever! This is a must read.  America continues to wake to its noblest ideals. May it not have come too late. … Continue reading

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Donald Maass workshops…

If you’re at all in tune with the literary agent scene, you know Donald Maass‘s name. Through the good folks at Free Expressions, Don offers weekend and week-long workshops in writing the breakout novel. With lodging and meals included, these … Continue reading

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