Bush’s odd eating habits…

Where have we heard it before?

Ah, yes.  Hitler’s fanatical vegetarianism, not to mention his coprophagic sexual ways.

Now, please see Susie Bright’s blog entry about Chimpy McFlightSuit’s hatred of "green food" and "wet fish" (poor dear Laura), as per the new tell-all book White House Chef by Walter Scheib. 

Susie’s opener:

This is rich.

Remember Walter Scheib, the brilliant chef who was fired by Laura Bush’s East Wing for using traitorous French cooking techniques? — You know, like sauteing. W. hates “green food” and “wet fish,” and Scheib must have suffered under such constraints. Now he’s serving his revenge— blazing hot.

Walter has just written a tell-all recipe book, White House Chef, which he’s dedicated to Hillary Clinton— Quelle Surprise d’Octobre!

Let’s all lame-duck this war criminal big-time!

Robert Devereaux

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