Bullshit Titles

Just observing.

Interesting phenomenon, first On Bullshit, then Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, or maybe the order of publication was the reverse of that.

If you go here:


and type bullshit into the title field, then filter out the dupes from the 54 results and the safe "B.S." ones, you still get titles like:

The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit: An A to Z Lexicon of Empty, Enraging, and Just Plain Stupid Office Talk
Bullshit and Philosophy
Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit
100 Bullshit Jobs…And How to Get Them
The Dictionary of Bullshit
Hello, Lied the Agent: And Other Bullshit You Hear as a Hollywood TV Writer


(1) Is horror, or any of the genres for that matter, ready for a title with Bullshit? (Don’t have one, just asking.)

(2) When will any of Carlin’s other 7 words tumble? (Actually on typing a few of them in, they’re already appearing in titles, even the least likely. I guess I’ve just noticed Bullshit on books of some prominence.)

(3) Does this spell the doom of Western Civ? (Oh right. Long ago doomed.)

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