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Civil war novel tremors

Here’s the problem, or one of them. If one is non-violent and believes as I do that "just war" theory is bullshit, then all wars are wrong. That includes the exceedingly violent American Civil War, even though it at last … Continue reading

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Subpoena Dick Cheney

Great blog entry by David Swanson on Smirking Chimp. Opening paragraphs: I’ve spoken at impeachment forums, debates, rallies, strategy meetings, and workshops, but tonight’s event in Washington, D.C., will be the first I’ve spoken at since the Vice President’s Chief … Continue reading

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Clutter and chaos all about

Today, I get to rail against myself in public. Sometimes it’s what’s needed. I’m a being of clutter and chaos, piles of papers and books crowding out my creativity, the will to clear them away so weak. Seas of material, … Continue reading

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