Gregory Maguire…

Finally on order are Gregory Maguire’s Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

Soon to follow, I expect, is Son of a Witch.

What cinched it was a visit from our friends Fred and Maryjo.  They’re taking long walks every day and playing the audio edition of Wicked.  Fred says that Maguire’s writing is as vivid as my own.

I’m also aware from reviews that Son of a Witch is, in some measure if obliquely, a book commenting on the current disaster that is the Bush maladministration.  And as you constant readers know, I’ve been seeking a way to fictionalize on this sorry situation without spending too much psychic energy with the faux-moron myself.

Will this be the spark that fires the fabulistic imagination in a sustained and sustaining way?

I’ll keep you guys posted!

Robert Devereaux

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  1. Maryjo says:

    Son of a Witch was a blast, picking up and filling in where Wicked left off. The audio version, read by the author, has as an epilogue an interview with the author. This conversation certainly gives some insight as to his writing and thought process. Ah yes, the fertile grounds of a writer’s mind … !
    Now my greatest desire is to see the stage production of Wicked! Rave reviews are all I hear …

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